The Red Velvet Hotel: Best Business Hotel In Patna

If you’re planning for your next Business trip in Patna, then The Red Velvet Hotel should be on the top of your list. The Hotel invites you to the exceptional mix of Luxury, serenity and indefatigable Hospitality. It is strategically located in the city's flourishing business space of Bailey Road. It is just a couple of KMs away from the Patna Airport and Patliputra Junction. Also there’s a lot more in the list of services which will definitely enhance Business trip Experience. Have a look at the amenities provided by the Hotel. Meal is one of the most important things which everyone looks for. If you're planning to host your business Lunch, then Ambrosia restaurant and Multi Cuisine at The Red Velvet might serve you some of the best Indian and international meals.The dining contains authentic flavours with delish cuisine. It is very important for a business traveller to have a stay combined with contemporary facilities or simply relax after a Hectic work day. The Red Velvet offers everything one possibly needs.Their high-tech meeting spaces offer the amenities to conduct the professional conferences. Also when your work is done, the hotel offers its business guests options to stay fit—they can choose to workout in their well-equipped Gym. For a more relaxing experience, Guests can rejuvenate themselves in Velvet Spa N Salon for their Relaxation period. So, whenever you plan your next Business Trip in Patna, choose the Best 4-star Hotel In Patna that is The Red Velvet Hotel.

How Hotels Are Keeping Guests Safe During Coronavirus?

The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced the Hotel Industry everywhere in the world. It's unimaginably hard to continue the Hotel stay without Hotel safety precautions. Even after proper sanitation, hotel management can face the problem as COVID-19 viral is easily transmittable.So how are the hotels keeping us safe? It’s very important to know how hotels keep guests safe during coronavirus . Proper sanitation for clean air quality against the COVID-19 virus is very much needed. In order to truly ensure a clean & safe environment, one expert should be there to look into this matter. Some Hotels are currently ready to reopen with all the safety Precautions. Safety precautions like cleanliness, tidiness, sanitation is must to provide a secure environment. But still the question arises: “How are hotels keeping us safe during COVID Pandemic?” There are so many hotels in Patna who assure the safe stay. Before this COVID, travelers and hotel customers were not so much concerned about the Hotel’s ambience and Environment. Even their health and safety during their stay was not a big matter of concern before. But now the scenario has changed very drastically. Hotel industries are prioritizing the Health matters twice. Even after regular cleaning and sanitation against COVID-19, there’s still a lot of chance to catch the virus. Because many travelers may consist of sensitive health conditions such as allergies & Viral which may turn into Virus. The Red Velvet Hotel, the best 4 star hotel in Patna is also offering the safest staycation for their guests. Following are the amenities & services that the Hotel Management is providing during this time:- Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s):- The Red Velvet Hotel is providing “The Red Shield Assurance” to their Guests in which how hotel is keeping guests safe during coronavirus. Their Service Providers are following all the Safety measures like Temperature Check, usage of Face Mask, Usage of Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer, and much more. Also they have made the Arogya Setu App mandatory for everyone while entering the Hotel premises. Disinfecting High Touch Points:- Hotel room safety from covid is very much needed during this pandemic to ensure a safe & sterile Environment for the Guests. In order to that, Hotel Management is regularly disinfecting the common touch areas very frequently and thoroughly. Touch points like Door handles, electronic appliances, AC & TV remotes, Stair & Outdoor Railings, Electronic switches are getting properly sanitised by the Management. Also the Housekeeping department is well ensured to clean the room right after the use. Update in Booking Policies:- In terms of Policies, Hotels often follow some rules and criterias over several things like Check-in & Check-out, room cancellation and more. In order to give maximum relief, PolicIes have also been re-modified. Policy of Rescheduling & Cancellation has been updated according to the Guest’s flexibility. Also, a 24 hour window will be provided between consecutive bookings.To ensure safety precautions in the hotel,restrictions have been applied over the number of Guests to maintain Social Distancing. Industry based Guidelines:- After having a prior discussion with the Industry Experts. Hotel has prepared the Guidelines for their Guests which are mentioned below: Measures taken prior to the cleaning process General Cleaning Directions Sanitisation checklist (Before, On Arrival & Post Checkout) Guidelines for serving Guests Safety Kits for various service providers Guidelines for serving Guests:- Hotel has prepared some special guidelines for serving the Guests. The motive behind setting these guidelines is to provide a safe environment while they stay. Hotel safety hacks have been implied like: Restrictions over the use of shared amenities Regular Temperature check Serving Packed Foods & Beverages Availability of ready to use mask over Gym use guests to frequently wash hands Someone may find these things a problem for their staycation. But these precautions are very must during these tough times, After all, these guidelines are just for their safety only. Hotel Management is also taking every step to ensure their customers’ health and safety. In order to bounce back more rapidly from the impacts of pandemic, they are taking every possible hotel safety from COVID. Patna has various big hotels, including 3-star, 4-star and 5-star facilities, besides around 200 budget hotels located on its streets and lanes. While most of these big hotels have around 100 rooms, budget hotels have 20-25 rooms each. Most of these hotels were closed during the Covid-19 lockdown and were allowed to open and operate as per the ministry of home affairs’ guidelines. After the allowance to re-open, many Hotels faced the shortage of Guest visits which majorly impacted their business. It’s not easy to maintain these big Hotels. Especially in these pandemic conditions. The Red Velvet Hotel, which is the four star hotel in Patna also faced difficulties during the Lockdown. But the Hotel was always on the top of their service at all times. The hotel’s management studied the scenario during the Lockdown. On the basis of that they re-modified their Amenities & Services while keeping all the factors in mind. On the other hand they are following every Guidelines provided by the government authorities for the safety of everyone. In terms of food service, Hotel has bagged meals to replace buffet style. Food servers are thoroughly cleaning the table and chair surfaces between seatings. Other best hotels in Patna are doing every possible thing to minimise the effect of Virus. Guests time has been shifted to minimum in high-touch areas within the hotel. Those areas are restaurants, elevators and lobbies. Also, use of stairs to navigate floors is more rather than the elevator, or at a minimum, avoid crowded elevators. Elevator buttons are touched frequently, so guests should be sure to practice proper safety measures when in this environment. In order to show how hotels are keeping guests safe during coronavirus, The Red Velvet Hotel has come up with various Safety measures for their guests. The hotel ensures to take every measure for the complete protection of them. From sanitization, wearing masks and gloves, and floor marking for social distancing to mandatory thermal screening and contactless check-ins/check-out. Cashless payments are being promoted for better hygiene.The Red Velvet Hotel is the best 4 star hotel in Patna to follow every guidelines by the Experts & Doctors. HOW HOTELS CAN KEEP GUESTS SAFE DURING AND AFTER COVID-19 is still a question for many. Further, stay safe from COVID with all the safety measures and amenities.

4 Features That Make a Hotel the Best [The red Velvet Hotel]

A great hotel consists of hotel features and benefits that makes it a best among all. There are so many Hotels in Patna which have world class facilities and amenities. If someone is staying in a great hotel that offers Best Hotel Features to its Guests, then it makes their job much easier. Many hotels have recognised the need to satisfy their Guests by providing amenities like Wi-Fi, Spa n Salon, Gym facilities. Nowadays, these Amenities are very common and can be found in most of the Hotels today. Here are some of the Features that a Hotel should must provide in order to give Maximum Luxurious Experience:- Basic services like Wifi, Laundry & Room Service:- Having these Basic services makes a Hotel a best in class. Everyone expects that a Hotel should be having these so that they can enjoy their stays. So among various features of a luxury hotel, these services are preferred most Importantly. Gym & Salon Service:- This service has evolved the services of the Hotel Industry in past years. Wellness and health in the Hotel gives excess to the Guests, who are concerned towards their Health. The best hotel in patna, cooperative energy between the conventional center business of lodging, cordiality, and the significance of value rest, smart dieting, and actual exercise for visitors, should be finished. Proceeding onward from a yoga meeting at sunrise, an evening run, and an enemy of maturing cooking class in the evening. 3. Polite & Genuine Staff Members: Improving the Customer service can positively increase The Hotel’s image. The Best hotels in Patna, Bihar know that good hotel Customer service is ideal for increasing revenue. Also, it is very helpful for brand development and customer retention. Unlike the location, building structure, or amenities, provided by the Customer service experience is something that impresses the Guests very precisely. 4. A Variety of Excellent Food and Beverages:- Guests often look for a Hotel that offers a variety of options in addition to room service. It includes fine dining,Multi Cuisine, and premium coffee shops. It builds a good reputation for The Hotels if they’ve a Restaurant. It is a good indicator of a hotel’s overall quality. Luxury Hotels in Patna, have restaurants with variations on the menu, with Delightful ingredients sourced in it.

Is It Safe to Stay in a Hotel Right Now?

Covid-19 is has damaged the entire World with a massive number of deaths and outbreak . This incident has made The Hotel industries an ideal spot to spread the virus. This is because many individuals come from various places to stay at the same place, at the time. It is hard to manage all those people especially in the Time Pandemic. This raises a very big question: Is it safe to stay at Hotel during this Pandemic? Hotel safety has become a major concern. In this season, everyone feels tempted to travel. And it’s a fact that remaining indoors for a year will obviously make anyone go for a trip. But if anyone intends to travel in this season, they feel very worried about hotel safety. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and some top institutes across the world, it is observed that staying in well-ventilated and hygienic spaces, following all precautions, reduces the chances of Covid infection. Hotel rooms generally come with provision for good ventilation, a reason why they are considered safer for stay. Here are some points that every Hotel should do in order to provide a safe stay:- Proper Ventilation across the Hotel: Hotels are characterized under the Low-Moderate danger classification. Further, if the Hotels are all around ventilated and altogether cleaned, they decrease the opportunity of Covid disease by up to 90%. Likewise, all around ventilated spaces are a lot more secure than shut ones. If an individual follows the steps like wearing masks, social distancing and Hand sanitisation, it minimizes the chance of Infection . Ventilation makes air circulation much clearer. Taking care of Hygiene:- With regards to wellbeing and significant serenity the Guests, Hotels should give a Hygiene Protocol to be followed. Thermal screening, Luggage sanitation to regularly sanitising the rooms, entryways, housekeeping and Dining areas. Staff management should always look for these things for their Guests well being. Sanitized Rooms & Common areas:- Hotels should be very specific about the Sanitation to ensure that all rooms are altogether cleaned and sanitized before their Guest comes. Staff members should regularly disinfect the Rooms, Hallways and Elevators with quality products. Sanitizers should be there in the common regions & spaces. This can greatly make the Hotels more secure during the pandemic. Contact less Check-Ins:- There should be a Contactless check-ins by the Hotel Management. They should provide the pre-booking facilities to their guests through booking applications. It will minimise the rush from the front work area of the Hotel. This will also minimise the Human contact in-general and will guarantee better security from the Virus.

Why It is Safe to Stay in Hotels During Pandemic?

Hotel safety has become one of the major concerns today. People always find this topic difficult during this Pandemic outbreak. But it’s a fact that nobody wants to remain inside their home locked, getting bored and doing nothing. Especially those people who love to explore new places and destinations. After spending a whole year in homes, it is obvious that anyone will feel to go & explore something new. Going to different places and exploring requires a good place for stay. But, the question arises that is it safe to stay in Hotels during this Pandemic? The World Health Organization and many other researchers have observed that staying in a clean and hygienic place, with all safety measures, reduces the chances of Virus catch. In order to do that, it is found that Hotel rooms generally come with good ventilation and atmosphere. This is the reason why Researchers considered it a safer place to stay. Following are the reason why Hotels are safe for stay during the Pandemic: Purified Air circulation in Hotel Rooms: It is found that Hotel rooms have a very low risk of having Virus. This is because Hotel rooms have a better Air circulation. A well ventilated place reduces the risk of virus spread by 90%. Also to ensure maximum security, a well sanitised room is recommended as a safest place to stay. At The Red Velvet Hotel, all rooms come with a proper sanitation and pure air circulation. Following safety Protocols: A well standard hotel always follows all the safety measures to ensure a safe and secure environment for their guests. Also, in these pandemic, it is mandatory to follow all the safety protocols. At The Red Velvet Hotel, we follow all the safety protocols & Guidelinesgiven by the Government For the Hotel Industries. Over-all Sanitation of the Hotel: At The Red Velvet Hotel, we specifically follow the proper sanitation of the Hotel to reduce the risk of Virus catch. We minutely sanitise all the common areas of the Hotel to ensure a safe and hygienic surroundings for our Guests. Also before Check-In, we properly sanitise & clean all the room right from the cushion to it’s bathroom. Contactless Check-in: We provide an online booking system to our Guests to ensure the contactless check-in for them. This minimizes the gatherings at the Hotel reception and reduces the Human contacts. They can simply book their stay before and can directly go to their rooms after reaching the hotel. Following Social Distancing: Experts say, maintaining a proper distance of 2 Meters can reduce the possibility of catching the Virus. At The Red Velvet Hotel, we follow the Proper Social Distancing. We also provide in-room Dining facilities so that the Guests don’t have to leave their rooms.

How to Attract Local Guests to your Hotel [Get Customer 24*7]

For the Hotel Industry, it is very challenging to pull in Local visitors for the Hotel stay. Before pandemic, travelling was defined as disappearing to far-away places and setting aside occasion to leave for a long escape. But the scenario totally changed with the effects of COVID. Coronavirus has proved that we either don't travel or in the event that we do, it's nearby. International travelling is a relic of past times without any indications of things evolving soon. So how can hotels attract the Local guests to themselves? Let’s have a look onto some strategies regarding that: - Focus on the off-Season: Focusing on the off-Season can invite the local people. Also it’ll not cost you a lot of effort. During this period, locals look for a change in their routine without thinking of the outstation tour. Giving special offers & discounts will really promote your Hotel stays. If you have lots of empty rooms then the offers will surely fill that. Collaboration with Local Business: If you want to attract the local guests then there should be an exciting reason for them to join you guys. So collaborating with the Local business like restaurants and other entertaining activities, people will find the offers interesting. It’ll give an opportunity for them to enjoy their regular days without going far away from home. Creating Events: If it’s allowed in your area, then do organise some events like dine in offers with live music, inviting any Local famous artist, or comedy nights. These things will sound interesting to them and local celebrities and influencers will find it a place to visit. Upgrade your services & Amenities: Having some luxurious or interesting facilities, will highlight them. Guests will visit you if they’ll get facilities that are not available in their own homes. A creative marketing strategy will advertise your message properly which will talk about your gym or sports facility, spa, good views, etc. Collaborating with the Local Influencers: This is the age of Social Media where everyone follows one prominent Influencer over various social media platforms. So collaborating with them will not only promote your business but it will also increase your Brand Image. Setting your Space more creatively: Today everyone is working from there home. It might happen they’ll get bored with their regular working area. Provide your guests a creative “work offsite” offer. Give them free WiFi with additional packages to attract such guests.